Mickey Mantle: America’s Prodigal Son, Author Signed Paperback

Mickey Mantle: America’s Prodigal Son, Author Signed Paperback

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What The New York Times praised as the definitive biography of baseball and pop culture icon Mickey Mantle by the acclaimed Sports Illustrated writer who knew The Mick personally, played golf with him often and has authored a celebrated Mickey Mantle Trilogy that includes DiMag & Mick and Mantle: The Best That Ever Was.

Historian and best-selling author Tony Castro explores the life of the great cultural icon baseball slugger against a 20th century backdrop of America's romance with boldness, its celebration of muscle, and its comfort in power during a time when might did make right.

But if Mantle symbolized the great expectations of America in the 1950s, it also epitomized the dashed dreams of a troubled generation in the 1960s and its unrealistic hopes for achievement. Mickey Mantle: America's Prodigal Son is both an explosive biography of one of the world's most fascinating and enduring sports heroes and a telling look at the American society of his time.



NOTE: The softcover copy of this book is out of print. But the copy you will receive is from a batch of out of circulation new books. 




Editorial Reviews


"... the best biography ever written of the Yankee legend."
                                                    The New York Times

"Brilliant... a valuable contribution to the understanding of our time..."
                                                    Publishers Weekly

"Tony Castro is the definitive expert on Mickey Mantle... He knew Mickey as his boyhood idol, later played golf with his retired hero, drank with him and drove him home when he was passed out. Heck, how could he not write about him better than anyone else!"
                                                    Pete Rose 

"Tony Castro's powerful, touching song of praise and lament for Mickey Mantle defines the the forces that made the Oklahoma miner's son an American icon."
                                    Dave Kindred, The Sporting News

"A terrific insight into the life and tribulations of a true American icon. An extremely well-researched book with stories that that only someone who really knew Mickey would know."
                                           Tom Catal, Mickey Mantle Museum